New June course – God’s Not Dead? How an Unscripted Philosopher can Disprove God

During June, Dan Fincke – ‘Camels with Hammers’ blogger and public philosopher – is offering a course titled “God’s Not Dead? How an Unscripted Philosopher can Disprove God.”

The movie God’s Not Dead, released March 2014, goes like this: “Present-day college freshman and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), finds his faith challenged on his first day of Philosophy class by the dogmatic and argumentative Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo)…” The full synopsis is here and you can watch the trailer. Atheists promptly noticed how this movie suggests that atheists typically hate God and live in denial, among other caricatures drawn about nonbelievers. The arguments against God rarely get center stage and never get full consideration. Dan has blogged about this movie (you can catch up here) but this June course is Dan’s one-month intense philosophy class about why God Is Dead. Dare you join and take a seat? Unlike Kevin Sorbo’s scripted character, Dan is a real philosophy professor. In his class, there’s no poignant script, no cute quips – just serious analysis of the case for and against the existence of God. Are you a nonbeliever? Hone your understanding of the best arguments for the existence of God and the philosophical reasons that they fail. When you encounter apologists like the one in God’s Not Dead (or when you encounter the movie’s fans) you can both help them improve their own arguments — and then refute them. Are you a believer? Dan dares you to see how your faith withstands a real philosophy professor’s challenges with no movie script to protect you. Does that seem like a rigged fight? Dan’s goal is not to do what Professor Radisson does in the film — present just the atheist side of the story and demand you to deny your conscience. Instead Dan is going to teach you how to use the theist side’s best arguments, so that you will be equipped with the best strategies that he knows of for trying to counter his own arguments. And anyone who has seen Dan in action knows how he is a gentle ‘soul’ and a respectful teacher, so don’t come for a fight, but come for the conversation and education. Lights, camera, action!

start/end dates – June 1 / June 30, 2014

Schedule and readings: Discussions will be guided by Dan’s lecture posts and by selected online readings and videos. Everything to be read and discussed is provided at no extra charge inside the virtual classroom. GENERAL INFORMATION: Online classrooms and their discussion threads are accessible 24/7, so you can participate at any hour of the day when there’s some time in your busy schedule. Students can proceed at their own pace and there are no video presentations that could be missed. Instructors will not be on live video and you won’t be either – there is nothing happening on camera and no particular time of day you have to be present. If an instructor posts a pre-recorded video, you can view it at your convenience. There’s nothing ‘live’ to be missed, and course instructor respond individually and promptly to all questions and comments. Instructors lead everyone through lectures and readings, but no attendance is taken and there are no assignments to complete – instructors are always available when you are ready to engage them about what is on your mind.

Ask Dan about this course by tweeting him: @CamelsHammers