New June course – Sean Faircloth on Defending Secular Government: Strategies for Success

During the month of June, prominent secular advocate Sean Faircloth is holding an online session on “Defending Secular Government: Strategies for Success.”

Want to stand up against the Religious Right? Need solid results for protecting the secular side of society? That’s what Sean Faircloth knows about. Join this class during June to review strategies for success with a leader having impressive direct experience and a track record of getting results. Yes, for academics, Sean Faircloth graduated cum laude with a degree in Government and International Relations from the University of Notre Dame, and he has a law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. He is an author as well, publishing Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All & What We Can Do About It in 2012. This book is based on his pragmatic experience as a ten-year state legislator and four years as a lobbyist at state and federal levels, busily advocating civic priorities and church-state separation. This course focuses on these priorities today: What it’s like in the trenches competing with the Religious Right; The First Amendment and how the Religious Right endangers it; Messaging: changing the silent secular majority into the winning secular majority; and Logistics: practical strategies for protecting separation of Church and State.

start/end dates – June 1 / June 30, 2014

Schedule and readings: It is strongly recommend that participants get a copy of Sean’s book Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All & What We Can Do About It. Discussions will be guided by Sean’s book, his posts, and online readings and videos. Everything to be read and discussed is provided at no extra charge inside the virtual classroom. GENERAL INFORMATION: Online classrooms and their discussion threads are accessible 24/7, so you can participate at any hour of the day when there’s some time in your busy schedule. Instructors will not be on live video and you won’t be either – there is nothing happening on camera and no particular time of day you have to be present. If an instructor posts a pre-recorded video, you can view it at your convenience. There’s nothing ‘live’ to be missed, and course instructor respond individually and promptly to all questions and comments. Instructors lead everyone through lectures and readings, but no attendance is taken and there are no assignments to complete – instructors are always available when you are ready to engage them about what is on your mind.

Ask Sean about his course by tweeting him at @seanfaircloth

Sean Faircloth
Sean Faircloth’s extensive organizing, lobbying and political experience includes spearheading over thirty laws, many pertaining to children and women’s rights. During his decade serving in Maine’s legislature, Faircloth earned a 100% voting record with the Maine Women’s Lobby. He served on the Judiciary Committee, Appropriations Committee, and was elected Majority Whip. He also initiated the Maine Discovery Museum, leading the $4.5 million project from concept to completion. Faircloth was opening speaker for candidate Obama in Maine. Faircloth served two years as executive director of the Secular Coalition for America and created its Fifty State plan. A noted public orator, he was opening speaker for Richard Dawkins on three tours, and laid out a concise secular political vision at the Reason Rally in 2012. His 2013 tour Down Under, including speaking at the Sydney Opera House, sparked citizens in Australia to organize their policy-focused national coalition (his speech in Perth). Faircloth recently returned from a speaking tour in the Republic of Turkey, where separation of religion and state is crumbling. He will be on the road across America once again in the near future, trying to prevent that same fate for our country.