Online Conduct Policy

All courses offered by Partners for Secular Activism on its websites are covered by this online conduct policy. Although the course classrooms and forums are places for open discussion and critical commentary about controversial topics, PSA prohibits any conduct online that unreasonably interferes with the ability of other online participants to fully engage in, and benefit from, these educational courses. Conduct that is disruptive, harrassing, or abusive, or inconsistent with prioritizing inclusivity and mutual respect, is especially prohibited. The PSA administration will determine whether a violation is cause for dismissal without refund. Even minor violations will not be overlooked or tolerated, and some action will be taken in each case. Although PSA administrators and course instructors will detect violations as quickly as possible, do not assume that every potential violation has been immediately noticed, because not everyone is online all the time. Participants should immediately notify the instructor (instructor emails are provided inside courses), and where appropriate, the PSA administration at: Anonymity will be protected as a matter of course at all times.