With over 230 affiliates nationwide, American Atheists is dedicated to developing and supporting an active and visible atheist community in the United States. We provide organizational and leadership support to local affiliates and help groups engage on emerging local civil rights issues, advocate for state-level legislation, and build thriving communities.

Map of Local Partners and Affiliates

Affiliating with American Atheists provides the following benefits for local group:

    • Free listing on the American Atheists Local Affiliates webpage
    • Referrals to your group for individuals looking for nearby communities
    • Free affiliate subscription to American Atheist magazine
    • Free American Atheists educational and promotional material for distribution
    • Participation in the affiliate meeting at American Atheists’ annual convention
    • Access to online and in-person trainings on activism, advocacy, leadership, and community-building
    • Opportunity to host events, including American Atheists’ national convention
    • Access to the American Atheists speakers bureau
    • Consultation assistance for local civil rights issues facing your organization
    • Consultation assistance for organization issues

We expect affiliates to support the complete and absolute separation of religion and government and to support American Atheists’ mission and goals. However, American Atheists and affiliated groups are not required to agree with every position or support every action taken by the other.

We occasionally offer opportunities for affiliates to engage in activism. Participation is voluntary and at the discretion of the affiliates.

American Atheists requires affiliates to remain in contact. A current, regularly checked, public group email, a public or private contact email of an organizer or officer, and a web presence are essential. If a group is deemed inactive or unreachable, affiliation may be revoked.

Please contact us with any questions or issues about our Affiliate program and with any specific affiliate support you need.

Ready to affiliate?

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Group affiliation is free of cost. Local Partners and local American Atheists affiliates are independent organizations and are not subsidiaries, agents, employees, or legal representatives of American Atheists. Affiliation creates no legal relationship. Local Partners and affiliates do not have the authority to bind American Atheists to any contractual obligations or otherwise act on behalf of American Atheists. Affiliates are free to associate and engage with other local, national, and international organizations as they see fit.